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faceliftFace Lift (Rhytidectomy)

Over the years due to gravity, sun exposure or weight loss, the facial tissue and muscles will become loose, especially in the lower face jowls and neck. Facelift surgery will tightened the muscles and sagging tissue and remove the excess skin. If needed fat will be trimmed from around the neck and chin to improve the facial contour. According to our patients in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach facelift surgery made them look 10 years younger. The patients come to Dr. Binker for Facelift because of his reputation to achieve the most natural look. Facelift will not correct the texture of the skin, the fine wrinkles, acné scars or aging spots. There are other procedures that can address those problems.

4:30 to 5 hours

Local or General.

Every surgery ahs special risks and complications Dr. Binker will discuss this with you at the time of your visit.

Back to work 3-5 days. To resume heavy activities 2-3 weeks. Full recovery from bruising: 1 to 4 months or more. Undergarments usually required for few weeks.

All surgical procedures have risks and complications. Dr. Binker will discuss these specific risks with you at the time of consultation.

The pain in Facelift surgery ¡s minimal and tolerable. The discomfort feeling will last the first two days. The pain can be easily controlled through medication. At least two weeks to go back to work.